Event Partners

Do you operate a grassroots / high school basketball event or circuit? Want your event featured in Cerebro so your athletes can have their performances viewed by NCAA teams, NBA scouts, professional agencies and more? 

Contact for information on how your event can join the Cerebro ecosystem!

Cerebro benefits

Your Cerebro Report Card

View your performance from your latest event and see how players rated through our proprietary metrics. Players are linked together across events via unique identifiers to make searching for all player records fast and easy.

Stronger Decisions
This data helps basketball’s decision makers find better players faster using our simple player evaluation metrics.
Better Evaluations
Cerebro data at scale allows you to quickly locate legitimate prospects, while giving players the advantage to better advocate for themselves
Simple Data
Straight-forward metrics that give a full glimpse on how a player stacks up against the competition, no matter what level or geography they play in.
Cerebro Custom Dashboard