Do The Work.
See The Stats.

Let your on-court performance speak for itself. Cerebro collects performance data around the country to make sure your stats can be seen by the person it matters most to - you.

Cerebro benefits

Your Cerebro Report Card

View your performances objectively and see how you stack up against the competition with our proprietary metrics, and our clean Bronze/Silver/Gold medaling system.

Be Your Own Advocate
Control your future by accessing your objective performance data. Help coaches and recruiters see your true game with access to report cards like these. 
Stronger Clarity
Understand your strengths and weaknesses, your archetypes, and how players around you have proceeded in their basketball careers. 
Simple Data
Straight-forward metrics that give a full glimpse on how you stack up against the competition, no matter what level or geography you play in.
Cerebro score dashboard