Building basketball’s global career database

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Building basketball’s global career database

Data and tools that scale to all levels of basketball, built for basketball.

Our versatile data ingestion process, platform, and performance metrics allow us to analyze every level of basketball to build the world’s most comprehensive career profiles, because basketball starts well before the pros. 

Quality Data

We never accept self-submitted stats and data, and our data team works extraordinarily hard to vet every dataset funneled through our system. If it's in Cerebro, it's trustworthy.

Simple Evaluations

Our simple proprietary metrics scale to every level of the game, so you can understand a player’s performance in the NBA just as easily as in a State HS Championship.

Stronger Decisions

Athletes undergo the most transformational and impactful periods of their sports careers throughout their time at the youth level, yet performance data is rarely being used from these periods. Make stronger decisions by seeing an athlete’s entire career.

Global Library

Basketball is becoming more global than ever, and Cerebro is capturing the entire world. From the dozens of professional leagues overseas, to your favorite NBA stars who began their career overseas, Cerebro is capturing it all.

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Basketball Careers Start Well Before the Pros

3x All-Star Jayson Tatum had a ripe youth career prior to joining the NBA. From representing his HS, Chaminade, to his AAU team, St. Louis Eagles, to even representing the United States in a Junior World Cup - players go through uniquely valuable periods of development and Cerebro is the place to see it.

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