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Prospective Student Athlete Recruiting

Michigan F Tarris Reed Jr had 10+ registered events and 35+ games in the Cerebro database prior to beginning his NCAA Career. Find the trustworthy, complete data on players as throughout High School and AAU playing careers, a crucial time in a player’s development cycle. 

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How Can Cerebro Help You?

Professional Scouting

#2 Overall Pick, Chet Holmgren featured over 75 games in the database prior to being selected in the 2022 NBA Draft. Track your favorite prospect’s entire career, strengths and weaknesses as they naviagate their journey to professional basketball. 

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An International Game

The world of basketball is more connected than ever before

Cerebro Sports athlete

Victor Wembanyama, the projected #1 pick in the 2023 NBA Draft already has nearly 100 registered games across competitions in France and Europe.

Cerebro Sports athlete

Adem Bona, a 5-star recruit prior to joining UCLA, featured over 100 registered games in Cerebro prior to College, including a signifcant time playing internationally at a youth level and professionally. 

Cerebro Sports athlete

 Zalgris F Josh Nebo played multiple years of DIV1 basketball before playing overseas

How Can Cerebro Help You?

Player Archetyping

Cerebro’s metrics scale to every level of the game allowing us to qualify, archetype, and compare players across competitions.Here is the “Modern Guard” archetype for Youth Athletes (2018-2020) - These 11 Players displayed similarities across various competitions at the youth level.

Cerebro Sports athlete
How can cerebro help you?

Player Archetyping

An Advanced “Modern Guard” - these players hit the same elite benchmarks, all at different levels of competition, from Youth to collegiate to professional. 

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