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March 3, 2022

Small College Basketball Foundation Partnership

Small College Basketball Foundation & Cerebro Sports Announce Major Partnership, Benefitting Non-D1 Programs Nationwide
Nov 16
Cerebro Sports, a leading basketball analytics company, has partnered with the Small College Basketball Foundation, a non-profit organization that serves all four-year non-NCAA Division I men's basketball programs. The partnership will be mutually beneficial, as Small College Basketball will introduce Cerebro Sports to approximately 1,100 colleges and universities throughout the country, while Cerebro Sports will be an integral supporter of the SCB Foundation's recently-announced Capital Campaign.

Cerebro Sports will also be contributing 100% of its sales to non-NCAA Division I schools to SCB while also reducing its pricing to $100/per year, a 90% discount on the current market value. Prospective Customers can use the discount code STARTWITHSTATSSCB to receive this discount.

"We are thrilled to partner with Cerebro Sports, as their statistical platform is a game-changer,” said John McCarthy, Executive Director of the Small College Basketball Foundation.

“I've personally gone through the demo and learned quite a bit about Cerebro. I've learned that there is a reason that teams in the NBA and major colleges throughout the country are using Cerebro. Once you learn how to use the platform - and it's easy to learn and user friendly - you'll be amazed how much statistical information is at your fingertips.

We're encouraging ALL small college coaches in the country to get on this platform, as 100% of the sales will be donated to the Small College Basketball Foundation.  Help yourself and your program by using Cerebro to your advantage, while supporting the Small College Basketball Foundation."

The mission of SCB is to support and promote the Small College Basketball Hall of Fame, the Hall of Fame Classic, the Celebration of the Game Event, the National Awards Program, and future events and awards under the umbrella of Small College Basketball, and to preserve, for the public benefit, the history of college basketball at the small college levels.


Cerebro Sports is on a mission to quantify sports recruiting by creating simple, easy-to-use products for coaches, parents, players, and in an effort to bring fairness to basketball recruiting.

Cerebro’s proprietary metrics use simple box score data at scale to allow decision makers to more quickly locate legitimate prospects and allow players to better advocate for themselves and know how they stack up against the competition, no matter what level or geography they play in.


Small College Basketball (SCB) was officially founded in the Fall of 2015. The organization is now in its fifth year of operation and has served approximately 1,100 colleges and universities and has reached tens of thousands of people. The Small College Basketball Foundation, the 501©3 non-profit arm, was born in 2019.


Rob Howe, Recreation Dallas, Agency of Record for Cerebro Sports


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