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November 12, 2021

SIAA & Cerebro Announce Partnership



Cerebro Sports announces partnership with the the Sunshine Independent Athletic Association (SIAA)

Cerebro Sports, a leading basketball analytics company, has partnered with the Sunshine Independent Athletic Association, one of the most talented high school basketball conferences in the entire country.

The partnership will allow all 13 member schools of the SIAA to have access to the Cerebro Sports platform for the entire 2021-22 basketball season.

This platform access will provide all players in the SIAA the ability to be seen on a level playing ground with thousands of other players all over the world currently being discovered on the Cerebro platform.

Sunshine Independent Athletic Association’s mission is to govern, regulate and support member schools in promoting a fair, safe and positive environment in sports. The SIAA’s High School Summer Live event is one of the top events in the United States for non NFHS High School teams.

Cerebro Sports is on a mission to quantify sports recruiting by creating simple, easy-to-use products for coaches, parents, players, and in an effort to bring fairness to basketball recruiting.

Cerebro’s proprietary metrics use simple box score data at scale to allow decision makers to more quickly locate legitimate prospects and allow players to better advocate for themselves and know how they stack up against the competition, no matter what level or geography they play in.


The Sunshine Independent Athletic Association (SIAA) provides leadership for the development, supervision and promotion of interscholastic athletic programs sponsored by its member schools. Participation in these programs enriches the educational experience of qualified student-athletes by providing them with opportunities to compete in an equitable, sportsmanlike and wholesome manner.


Rob Howe, Recreation Dallas, Agency of Record for Cerebro Sports


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